Who is LEX Diagnostics?

LEX Diagnostics is a tight knit team working hard to widen access to molecular diagnostics and reduce the burden of infectious disease on the world. We aim to develop and manufacture a true PCR diagnostic focussed specifically on the needs of healthcare professionals and sell it at a price low enough to replace antigen tests in clinical settings.

Our History

  • January 2023 – LEX Diagnostics announces the appointment of Ed Farrell as its new Chief Executive Officer. Read more.

  • January 2022 – LEX receives core patent grant from USPTO.
    The core innovation making 5 minute sample-to-answer possible is secured.

  • September 2021LEX demonstrates performance of an RT-PCR assay for detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A and Influenza B.

  • May 2021LEX establishes 100k/yr manufacturing line for its consumables.
    Secures supply for development and clinical studies and starts the journey towards high volume manufacturing.

  • March 2021GenMark Diagnostics invests in LEX with a definitive option agreement.
    Partnership provides important know-how and insight accelerating our development at an important time.

  • September 2020LEX expands the scientific team and builds new facilities.
    Grows and brings in-house key capabilities including custom reagent development, bioinformatics and the manufacture of medical consumables.

  • February 2020LEX Diagnostics Ltd founded as an independent company within the TTP Group.
    Following successful technology demonstration TTP Group invests core intellectual property and key staff into a dedicated company with a mission to commercialise an ultrafast point-of-care diagnostic for respiratory viruses. 

  • January 2018TTP completes development of a low-cost PCR system for consumer genetic advice for DnaNudge .
    TTP delivers first instrument systems enabling detection of SNPs relevant to personalised nutrition advice in a retail setting. In April 2020 DnaNudge received emergency authorisation for a COVID test using this platform.

  • 2018TTP demonstrates PCR amplification at 2s/cycle in a low-cost format .
    TTP concludes an internal development program demonstrating key hardware innovations that make recent academic work on ultra-fast PCR thermocycling economic at the point-of-care. 

  • 2017TTP initiates internal development program to optimise PCR hardware for point-of-care applications.
    Realising that mass adoption of molecular diagnostics at the point-of-care needed a step-change improvement, TTP initiates a whole-system analysis to understand where hardware innovation should be focussed to meet the demands of this emerging market.

  • 2016TTP completes development of the CLIA-waived binx io point-of-care molecular diagnostics instrument for binx health.

  • 2010sTTP emerges as a world class partner in the development of point-of-care healthcare platforms.
    TTP develops a series of successful point-of-care instruments across immunology, histology and diagnostics.

  • 2000sTTP group companies develop a range of innovative tools & instruments and the importance of ease-of-use grows as a market driver.
    Examples include Mosquito liquid handler (now part of SPTLabtech), veterinary diagnostics for IDEXX and a unique portable PCR diagnostic for Foot-and-Mouth disease – which provides our first experience of molecular diagnostics for infectious disease control.

  • 1990sTTP Group focuses on automation in the life sciences.
    Develops and delivers the production line for Amgen’s Epogen & automates fluorescence microscopy with bioMérieux’s SCANRDI. This work laid the foundation for TAP Biosciences (acquired by Sartorius in 2013) and SPT Labtech (acquired by Battery Ventures in 2018). 

Our Advisors

LEX is grateful for the advice and insight of many people including

Founder and CEO of Citra Urgent Care and
practicing physician.

Healthcare entrepreneur and former chair of
GenMark Diagnostics.

Former president of Primary Care Sales
at McKesson.

Technical director and engineering consultant.
Key figure in the Abbott ID NOW development.

Our Partners

LEX is proud to be working with

Leading NHS innovation lab accelerating the development and adoption of new diagnostic tests
at newcastle-hospitals.nhs.uk

Jabil Inc – The industry’s largest provider of design, engineering, and manufacturing services offering some of the most technologically advanced and trusted solutions available.

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