Our aim is to democratise the use of molecular diagnostics. They are hugely powerful tools but until recently have been too complex and fragile for non-specialists to use. We aim to change this.

Primary Care

Our focus is to enable the extensive use of respiratory virus diagnostics in primary care settings. This includes:

  • Family doctor consultations
  • Triage nurses testing patients as they enter a building
  • Pharmacies offering enhanced healthcare services in retail stores
  • Home testing under the guidance of a smartphone enabled GP consultation

Current molecular tests are both too slow and too expensive to work in these settings but clinical staff in primary care are generally the best placed to provide treatment so giving them routine access to rapid molecular diagnostics offers both financial savings and better service to patients.

Outside the clinic

The lessons of the Covid19 pandemic are that testing must be provided outside traditional care settings, and must be provided quickly and at scale. While testing is likely to be led by primary care clinicians it is clear that novice operators will need to take many tests under their guidance. The fully contained sample-to-answer system with no exposed elution fluids, high speed, and portable operation of LEX makes this possible for the first time.

Enabling home testing

The balance of cost between reader and consumable has been optimised for the use intensity typically seen in primary care but eventually it is likely that consumer testing will be done at home.

  • A fast, reliable, viral diagnostic offers benefits to busy parents wanting to know if they can send a marginally well child to school or nursery in the morning
  • Rapid influenza testing offers either rapid treatment with antivirals or peace of mind to vulnerable groups such as the elderly or people with compromised immune systems
  • Healthy people keen not to infect colleagues and employers wanting to minimise staff absence due to contagion can exploit a home test, but only at an acceptable price

LEX plans to support all these people as the product range develops.