Our Story

  • April 2020

    TTP spins out LEX Diagnostics as an independent company within the TTP Group

    TTP spins LEX Diagnostics out as a separate company within the TTP Group to bring PCR technology it developed over the previous 3 years to market as a viral diagnostic.

  • February 2020

    TTP publishes article in Medgadget setting out a vision for COVID19 diagnostics in the early stages of the pandemic.

    TTP, a technology company based in Melbourn, UK, is developing a handheld PCR (polymerase chain reaction) diagnostic device that can rapidly detect influenza viruses…read more

  • February 2019

    TTP models the value of early diagnostics in veterinary practice during 2019 Equine Flu outbreak.

    Humanity has endured infectious disease epidemics for as long as it’s existed. However, as global connectivity grows so does the rate at which they can spread…read more

  • September 2018

    TTP presents key LEX design concepts at 4Bio conference

    Company gained important insight into the value of the technology and its applications and made important new connections.

  • September 2018

    TTP demonstrates PCR amplification as fast as 2s/cycle in a format with potential for a low cost diagnostic device

    TTP concludes an internal research program showing that recent academic work showing very fast PCR thermocycling could be implemented in a physical format that has a roadmap to a practical low cost diagnostic device. The program showed that speeds as high as 2s/cycle (and so worst case amplification times less than 1 ½ minutes) could be achieved using low cost reagents when combined in a novel way. It also demonstrated new and novel hardware which could be produced at much lower cost than traditional PCR equipment.