COVID-19 and other viruses

The system will also operate on coronaviruses such as Covid19 which provides the public health community with a portable test device in every doctor’s desk drawer providing flu diagnostics each winter but being available to re-deploy to new virus types when they appear. The consumable remains unchanged and the comparative simplicity of PCR makes it the chemistry of choice for people developing assays for new disease targets under time pressure. This makes LEX the natural choice for an integrated primary care strategy for infectious disease.

Open platform & rapid assay development

In driving for low cost and high speed we have pared back the complexity of the underlying assay system. This reverses years of increasingly complex isothermal assay development, which has the added requirement of more sophisticated assay design software. By simplifying we re-open development to groups whose core expertise is in disease, not assay development, and we plan to support people wanting to develop niche & novel tests which benefit from an easy to use, low cost platform.

Perhaps this is best left to the knowledge and imagination of our partners but we would expect the system to work well on disease targets such as:

  • Zika
  • Dengue fever
  • Some STIs
  • Measles