We are revolutionizing point-of-care molecular diagnostics with a step change in speed, sensitivity and cost

Our vision is to deliver true-PCR insights to clinicians at the time they are most valuable. In our view this means an answer in 5-7 minutes.

A Workflow Compatible With
Primary Care

The LEX System is compact enough to fit on the bench of the smallest physician’s office lab and simple enough to be used by the any healthcare professional whatever their skill and experience. It will deliver results quickly enough to support the busiest urgent care yet is affordable enough for the smallest rural pharmacy. With PCR accuracy the results are reliable enough for everyone.

Ultrafast PCR Thermocycler in
Every Cartridge

Four short years ago a small team of physicists and engineers saw a remarkable academic demonstration: efficient and specific DNA amplification in less than one minute. They challenged themselves to invent technology to harness this scientific progress for a diagnostic test affordable enough to use in any professional setting.

Sub 5 minute amplification

Amplifying the genetic material over tens of thermal cycles is the bottleneck for conventional PCR systems. Our amplification chambers can be heated or cooled in seconds.

Trusted RT-PCR

RT-PCR is the gold standard for the diagnosis of viral infectious disease. We have shown that our platform amplifies viruses with lab-standard sensitivity and selectivity.

Affordable consumable

Our IP protects a cartridge design that can be made from industry standard materials developed by experienced engineers to be within standard process tolerances. We have externally verified our low cost of goods with our industrial partners.

A reader designed for primary care

Our IP enables ultrafast thermocycling without the need for an expensive, unreliable Peltier cooler. This enables a compact, robust reader with a low cost of goods.

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