LEX Technology

Containing better chemistry

LEX builds on academic work over the last 10 years demonstrating that PCR chemistry can run much faster than existing products drive it. By containing the chemistry in a radically different package our technology enables high speed in a practical device and also creates large cost reductions in other parts of the diagnostic. This results in a product that is radically smaller, cheaper and faster.

These factors are desirable in traditional laboratory PCR but crucial in emerging point-of-care applications.

Market focus builds on technology strengths

Having solved the PCR cost problem LEX focusses tightly on nasal & oral samples, and on viral pathogens, to avoid the other high cost elements of traditional molecular diagnostic products. The combination of technology innovation and market focus enables a radically smaller, simpler, cheaper device which makes true point of care applications possible now and enables our customers to provide testing in locations not previously thought possible in the future – such as work places, transport hubs and even the home.

LEX assay development

Patented technology protection

The core LEX technology is protected by 3 patent applications and several more filings are in progress covering its more detailed implementation. These cover features necessary to make PCR assays run at high speed on low cost platforms as well as features of the reader and consumable that improve manufacturability, reduce part count, and reduce the cost of detecting optical signals using commodity parts.

Scaling to large scale production quickly

Both reader and consumable are built from widely available parts and manufacturing techniques developed by the huge consumer electronics industry. A cornerstone of our philosophy is that moving molecular diagnostics from the lab to the field requires manufacturers to move from an instrument mentality to a consumer device one. This means:

  • Production can scale quickly in response to emergencies such as the Covid19 pandemic
  • Device features and operation must be paired back to the minimum required so clinicians can start working quickly using nothing more than the familiar quick start guides that ship with a cellphone
  • The device should not need a service contract or a responsible department in the purchasing organisation. They are robust and reliable, but equally cheap enough for us to repair by shipping you a new one & recycling the old one
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LEX hardware development