The Team

Alex Stokoe
Instrument Engineering
Angela Longdin
Anthony Barnett
Mechanical Design and Fabrication
Heather Murton
VP Molecular
Justin Buckland
Richard Howells
Amaru Araya-Williams
Consumable Hardware Engineering
Anna Reva
Molecular Biologist
Chris Hole
VP Commercial
Iain McDerment
Medically Regulated Development
Michelle Johnson
Assay Development Manager
Serena Fernandez
Molecular Biologist
Andrew Baker Campbell
Annie Chiu
Instrument Engineering
Harry Bullivant
Director of Operations
Jo Jaggard
Office Manager
Nick Mather
Consumable Technician

LEX Diagnostics is a rapidly growing team of people pushing technology boundaries at the place where molecular biology and the supporting hardware meet. This makes it a great place to do new and exciting work which will quickly be applied to the urgent Covid19 pandemic and also to the treatment of influenza and other respiratory diseases which together kill over half a million people every year.

If you think you can contribute to this team please contact us.